29 May 2014

Keeping Up With Micah

Photo by Christy H.

14 Months

This blog is a blessing to me because I get to journal about the comings and goings of my kids, the highlights in their life, and even write to them.  Lord willing, one day I hope they can read these posts and feel the love through my words.  I am so happy to be their mom!  Even on the days when I am tired, or discouraged, or overwhelmed, I am still so incredibly thankful for each of them and all that they are.  They are each so different and so special.

Micah, our gorgeous third baby boy, is our over achiever.  This guy was sitting up, crawling, standing, and walking all before he was "technically" supposed to!  I had a walker on my hands right around 9 1/2 months!  

Julia and Mark both walked right after their 1 year birthdays (around 13 months).  So when this unpredictable, over-achiever started walking after Christmas I knew I was in trouble!!! (in a good way)

I knew he was going to be the one to keep me on my toes.  And sure enough he has been the one to open up every cabinet and climb inside.  He's been the one found playing in toilet water (hence why our bathroom doors are ALWAYS closed now).  He's also been the one to push away the baby gates and climb right up the steps!  Let's just say he has made home schooling very interesting and thank goodness for Julia and Mark who watch him in shifts during school time (we call it Micah duty).  He needs to be watched at all times!

These days Micah runs!  Everywhere.  He won't be slowed down or stopped.  He rides the kids bikes. He runs across the yard.  He does everything Mark and Julia does and if they are not paying attention to him he makes himself KNOWN.  There have been times I have even caught him pushing Mark off of a chair just because HE wanted that chair.  I've noticed that he copies EVERYTHING Mark does and always wants what Mark wants.  And so, we have been using the bottom step again...as our time out spot.

Believe it or not...he sits there.  Remorsefully? I'm not sure.  But he knows I mean business and so he stays there.  I even have him apologize to Mark and Julia when he gets rough with them.  He doesn't say sorry yet.  But he does give very good kisses.

At Mark's playground birthday party (which was super low-key because I just had too much going on this year, but I couldn't not have something for my guy) John was on Micah duty.  After about 10 minutes he came over to me and goes, "Kristi, you are a saint! How do you keep up with this kid?"  I have to tell you there was a slight sparkle in my eye as I answered (only because sometimes I feel like he may not realize how busy the kids keep me all day) "It's hard right?!  He's so fast and he's always on a mission!"  At the park he dug in the dirt, he climbed up the slides, he found sticks, he ran and ran and ran.  He never ever sits still and just reads a book or plays with a toy like Julia or Mark used to. (that I can remember)  He is such a high energy kid!  And if I wasn't 7 months pregnant maybe I could keep up but I have discovered pregnant or not....there is no Keeping Up with Micah!

Micah, mommy loves all your energy and your boy-antics.  I love how you climb and run and try to be a big kid.  You are so awesome.  God gave me such a great gift when He blessed us with YOU!


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