19 May 2014

Love Letters From Julia

What Fear Can Do

For the past 2 weeks Julia has had a tooth that was so loose it was hanging on by a thread.  The dentist predicted that her two bottom teeth would fall out soon since they were both loose in February.  It was only a matter of time....

After coop on Friday it was so loose that she refused to open her mouth.  She was afraid that if she talked or ate it would fall right out...so she wouldn't talk!  Fear just paralyzed her.  She wouldn't even eat pizza at lunch time and I cut it in really small pieces so she wouldn't have to chew too hard.  I felt so bad for her.  She wouldn't even let me look at the tooth.  She wouldn't open her mouth at all.  Let's just say it wasn't our finest hour.

Julia has been growing in leaps and bounds.  I had to buy her new shoes this weekend so I thought a trip to the mall would brighten her up or at least get her to talk...no such luck.  She did pick out some cute sandals though!  She's already a size 13!  All the while using sign language to show me what she liked and how she felt.  And I did get her to drink a milk shake.  She asked me to pray for her a couple of times and we prayed that God would help her to calm down and not be so scared and that it wouldn't hurt too much.

Finally we got home...and John was a few minutes behind us.  I knew that even though she was afraid she would let Daddy help her.  I told John he had to try to get the tooth out before bed.  I thought she might swallow it in her sleep.  By this time she opened her mouth to show me her tooth and it was almost on it's side from being so loose.  She kept crying though.  She was so scared and she didn't like the taste of blood in her mouth.  I asked her why she was so afraid when she lost her other tooth before and it didn't hurt.  She just got really teary.

John finally convinced her in the bathroom that he was going to use some medicinal tape help it to stand up...and what do you know he pulled it out (he needed a good grip).  Julia was SO happy that her dad helped her!  She was so thankful.  It was 10pm and I was so happy to be able to go to bed in peace, knowing she wasn't in any pain.

John handled the money under the pillow for me so technically he was the tooth fairy this time!  Since this was her second tooth we just gave her a bunch of quarters.  And I told her I would take her to get a manicure pedicure on Saturday so we could have some much needed girl time.

When we woke up on Saturday morning, John made a delicious breakfast for all of us and afterwards as we were all getting dressed and ready Julia went to her room to get dressed.  I came out of my shower to find a note on the bathroom sink for me.

It read: Thank you Mommy for encouraging me when I was scared and thank you for making me comfortable.  Love, Julia

John also got a note.  It read: Thank you Daddy for taking out my tooth I really appreciate it.  Love, Julia

She misspelled a few words which I edited but the fact that she wrote us each a separate note and wanted to thank us was so sweet.

I love the little lady she is becoming!  I am so proud of you Julia!

This post is dedicated to you my sweet.


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