07 May 2014

What is Hidden Art?

The Hidden Art of Homemaking

Chapter 2

What is Hidden Art: "Art which is found in the minor areas of life.  By minor I mean what is involved in the 'everyday' of anyone's life, rather than his career or profession."--Edith Schaeffer

If you know me then you know how rigid I can sometimes be when it comes to keeping to a schedule.  Ever since I became a mom having a schedule, planning ahead, making lists has been my major mode of survival.  Plus, the organization of my day not only helps me and brings structure to our life, but it promotes safety and a sense of well being to my kids.  

Monday through Friday we stick to our schedule, whether it be chores, school, fun outings, or field trips.  But the minute after dinner time on Friday comes, and John walks through that door, I am able to relax and know that we made it through another week, and that now we can enjoy family time with Daddy.

The weekends bring me much joy, especially when we get out of the house and let our hair hang out and we have fun together.  I am able to go with the flow, forget the schedule, and just enjoy my kids and time with John.  I am not the teacher, the homemaker, the errand girl anymore.  I am just Mom.  I can be silly, loosen up, and just celebrate the weekend.

I see the moments when I am the most carefree as the moments of my hidden art.  I am able to just relax and be in the moment.  I am not tense.  I am not stressed.  I am not checking off things on my list.  

"To develop 'Hidden Art' will also, of course, take time and energy-and the balance of the use of time is a constant individual problem for all of us.  What to do, and what to leave undone.  One is always having to neglect one thing in order to give precedence to something else."

It is during these times that my soul and body find rest in the mundaneness of it all.  It's these moments of freedom that I am able to be the true me, and smile, and take a deep breath, and know that everything is going to be alright.

I love when the author says that "a Christian, above all people, should live artistically, aesthetically, and creatively.  We are supposed to be representing the Creator who is there, and whom we acknowledge to be there."  Our job is to basically be sensitive to beauty, responsive to what has been created for our appreciation.

I look at the bright and beautiful leaves in this picture and I just love the fact that the leaves are yellow (my favorite color) and that my two favorite big kids are enjoying the day with me.  We were having fun out in nature.  Loving the beautiful Prinecton campus, and the cool Fall temp, and having a ball just being us.  When I look back at pictures like this my first thought is, "See we DO have fun!" and my next thought is, "Man, are we lucky to have these kids."  I just feel so blessed.  And it makes me appreciate my Creator, my God, my Savior, who makes all things new, and beautiful and loves us so very much.


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  1. Such a sweet and truthful post! I loved it!


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