16 May 2014

My Instagram


That's my IG profile name!  My sister today teased me because I have changed my name a few times. It was hard for me to choose one that I liked and I wanted my blog name to coincide with our growing family of now...4 kids! (Baby due this August)

I really enjoy Instagram because I love a good photo!  Whether it be a moment with my kids, a meal I am proud of, a shopping adventure, a fun outing, whatever it may be it is fun to capture a moment through the lens of a camera and invite the world to see things through your perspective.

I am a homeschooling, stay at home mom so I have lots of photos about our daily homeschool adventures.

I love taking the kids on field trips like Apple picking, to the farm, to science centers, parks, I feel blessed to be able to stay at home and so I really try to make the most of every moment I have with my kids.

I also love featuring my amazing, godly, husband who is a wonderful provider, a sweetheart, and my best friend.

I love capturing milestones in my family's life, like this was a surprise party for my MIL 60th birthday.  I know, she looks 30!!!!

I love all the silly faces Julia, Mark, and Micah make.  This is from a trip to Lancaster, PA and Julia had her first root beer and it was sweet and bubbly...just like her.

I love making fun announcements through photos...this is when we announced we were pregnant with Micah our third baby.

Sharing moments like this...when Julia and Mark met Micah for the first time at the hospital!  They loved holding him and being the big brother and sister.

We just love our third baby Micah to pieces, and we are super excited to welcome baby girl (our fourth to our family this summer).

Our family vacation to Camp of the Woods in upstate New York!

Instagram is great because you can capture these moments and document milestones, and allow people to enter your life and see it through your eyes...in this pic I see two people who have been married for almost 11 years.  They love Christ.  They want to serve Him and raise godly children.  They are not perfect by any means.  They are just normal people, thankful and grateful for life and the opportunities set before them by a very gracious and loving God.

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