12 May 2014

Weekend Bliss

Mother's Day Weekend

I love family weekends like this one.   It's an excuse to see both sides of our families and spoil the grandparents.  This weekend was no different.  Me and the kids started our rounds of visiting the grandmas on Saturday after Chinese School.

It is our family tradition to make sure we see our Moms (both live in Old Bridge which is only a few miles from our home) on Friday or Saturday of Mother's Day weekend.  We started this right when we got pregnant with Julia so that we would set the tone that Mother's Day weekend was spent with everyone, but that Mother's Day would be just for our little family.  This has worked really well for us, especially now that our family has grown so big!  

Saturday we visited the McInerney's and dropped off cards and gift cards for Grandma Judy.  We gave her a mani/pedi gift card at her favorite salon and we also gave her one for her coffee!  The kids like to make her cards now that they are older so they were excited to bring those and show off their drawing skills and writing ability.

Saturday evening my sister and I took my Mom out to the movies.  Oh. My. Word. That was so fun!  We laughed non stop at the movie and had so much fun having our own little girl time!  Spoiling my mom is our favorite.  I gave my mom a gift card to starbucks and gave her some cards from the grand kids.

Sunday was serving at church and then home for lunch.  Then we packed the car and headed to Princeton.  It's a 50 minute drive so the kids took a rest and John and I got to talk.  It was 80 degrees today so walking around was absolutely gorgeous, the flowers were blooming, their was a cool spring breeze, and everyone was in a good mood.  It was also fun for me to watch Micah toddle around and play at Princeton the way Julia and Mark have in the past.  We set up our picnic blanket and let them run around on the lawns and dance, take photos, and do cart wheels.  Micah loved it!

We always end our time with ice cream!  It's a McInerney tradition.

Then John took us all out to dinner for Korean food,one of my favorites!

It was wonderful.  Just being together.  No schedule.  Just relaxing. Holding hands and being thankful.

Super thankful for all God continues to bless us with.


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