26 May 2014

Getting Tired...Finding Ways To Keep Little Ones Busy

Third Trimester Blues

As you can imagine, life with three spunky kids who are full of energy is extremely exhausting, but add a pregnancy in the mix and the task can be daunting at times.  It gets really hard keeping up with Micah.  He is so energetic and busy and he climbs and I just most times cannot keep up.

We had a birthday party for Mark at the park with a few friends and after a few minutes John goes, "How do you take 3 kids to the park!!!????"  "How do you keep up with Micah?"  It's really true, it is very hard.

I want my kids to have a memorable summer, especially with all the hard work they did this school year.  I want to take them berry picking, and to spray grounds and to the beach, but I am just praying for the energy!

The lifting and the bending and the packing the car is the hardest part for me now.  Watching my kids play and keeping an eye on them isn't the hard part.  I know I need to start slowing down...  

But, I am not good at slowing down.  I know I should be asking for help, but I try to catch up on rest when John gets home.  It's amazing, life with kids is so busy!  I really need to find more fun things we can do at home, like baking, making crafts, riding bikes, reading, and doing small science projects....

Hmmmm....something is brewing here!

To be continued!


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