03 December 2009

Can she do it?

I never realized how "letting go," letting your child do certain tasks because they can could make me feel so, I don't know, sad?

I mean don't get me wrong I get very excited when Julia does something brand new like rolling over, sitting up, crawling, eating baby food, walking, saying new words, getting her first tooth.

I am finding it a little bit difficult though letting her take on new responsibilities because it is very obvious how smart and independent and very capable she is. I guess I want her to need me forever.

Julia's been feeding herself and brushing her teeth and even putting on her shoes by herself for awhile now...but last night, which is one of our "bath nights," she was able to totally undress herself! I think the hint that she was going to be doing this soon was when I would go into her room at night and see her shirtless or sockless, or even when we get ready for church and she would beg to zip up her jacket by herself.

The perfectionist in me likes to do everything because it is faster, and neater, but I am seeing and learning that Julia can do it, and so now I am praying I can take a tiny step back and let her do these things...even if that means it takes her longer or it doesn't look perfect.

You can do it Julia!


  1. I want to cry, Kristi. I feel the same way. I think I have held on to Addie too much with the excuse that she is still a baby, and yet she is very capable. Your post touched me in a convicting way that I need to "let go" a bit. Thank you, my friend.


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