02 December 2009

Mark's 6 mos. Well Visit!

Mark had an 11:45 well visit today with the ever popular Dr. Shih. You would think he was the only doctor in his practice even though there are 5 other pediatricians...but Dr. Shih is not only our favorite but the best. He has three young sons of his own and his wife is a nurse. He is very gentle and funny. Julia hasn't gotten around to loving him yet, because I think she knows he has something to do with the ordering of the shots, but Mark LOVES him.

The minute Dr. Shih walked in and spoke his greetings Mark was smiling, cooing and anxious to play with Dr. Shih's silver watch! Dr. Shih is also my favorite because he is such a good listener and is always encouraging. He never makes you feel like a question is stupid or silly.

I can remember a week or two after Mark was born I thought his belly button thingy was infected (thingy is that hard blue umbilical cord piece...aka thingy...I know very technical term). So I brought him over to Dr. Shih. He got a Qtip with some rubbing alcohol and cleaned out the belly button and said, nope its not infected, all clean, no charge for today! I melted! I was so happy he didn't say, "You know Kristi, this is your second kid, you think you would have your act together by now." Some doctors can be very condescending. But he was so sweet about it even after I apologized profusely.

I am so thankful for such a kind doctor who has young children and has gone through a lot of the things I am going through very recently.

Well, Mark's stats are as follows:

Weight: 17.2 lbs which is 25-50th percentile
Height: 25 3/4 which is 25-50th percentile
Head: 17"1/4 which is also 25-50th percentile

Mark is right on track!!!

He also predicted that Mark will be walking by 9 months...uh oh...I'm going to need lots of prayer!!!

Dr. Shih said Mark's 4 top teeth are about to pop out any minute...I definitely knew that since he chews on everything...including hands, arms, shoulders, etc!!!

I'm very excited that at the 9 month visit there are no shots...poor Mark got 3 today! Poor guy, this time, he only cried for about 5 seconds. Once I picked him up all was forgotten. He was a champ!

Dr. Shih's tip to me was to introduce a sippy cup soon because Mark is reaching and grabbing for everything and he has a good grip. I'm going to try that this weekend...I want to buy him his own sippy cup so Julia doesn't feel like we are taking her things all the time.

Great job Mark!!! Keep up the good work!

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  1. That is wonderful! Keep up the wonderful growing, Mark!


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