17 December 2009

Join Us-Thursday Book Club

Hi friends!!

Starting mid January, every Thursday...I will be commenting on a book by Joyce Meyer called, "The Confident Woman."

I am letting you know ahead of time so that if you'd like to read a chapter a week and add your own comments on the book you can. I got a really good deal at Barnes and Noble. It was only $5.98!!! And it's a hard cover book originally priced over $20!

As you read the book you will need a Bible and a pen. I've been marking up my book left and right. I'm really enjoying it. Joyce has a blunt and funny way of putting things and it is such an enjoyable, easy read.

I am also super excited because my friend Suzette, who also is an avid blogger and reader is joining me. I can't wait to get her interpretation each week and see how God will use the book in her life! Thanks Suzette for joining me...it makes reading so much more fun when you have a buddy to read alongside with.

So, feel free to join us!!! Order your book online or through amazon.com...you have plenty of time before we start!

I can't wait!

Happy Reading!!!

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