11 December 2009

sister memories

If you have a sister then you will totally relate with this post because I adore my sister Sara! She is not only one of my favorite people to talk to and be with, but she is so good to me and my children! I was thinking and praying for her so much this week as she finishes up this semester at Rutgers. I can't believe she only has one semester left and then...she is out into the 'real world' I pray for her often as she is a beautiful girl and of course since I am older I worry about her a lot! She knows I am always saying, "Make good choices!" as if she was five!!! LOL I can't help but be somewhat of a mother figure to her since we have 8 years separating us. But she knows I would give my right arm away for her...I would do anything for her to make her life as amazing as she is. I was thinking back to some of our "sister memories" some of which make me crack up and some make me smile, and some make me cry! I love you Sara...you are my favorite little sister!!! (twin)

*I remember mom going into labor and Grandma Wheaton coming over to take care of me. In my third grade reading class that morning I raised my hand and exclaimed very happily, "My mommy is in the HOSPITAL." The substitute teacher looked at me like I was nuts...apparently she didn't know that was a good thing :)

*In Pioneer girls at church I would pray for my baby sister to live to be 100 years old, Mrs. Dalik still remembers that prayer and smiles with me.

*Christmas morning we would do a happy dance around the Christmas tree!

*We would watch Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast...again, and again, and again, I think that's why we like movie nights so much.

*When you were 10 and John would come over to take me to fun places like Great Adventure you would beg us to take you with us!!!

*Our family trips to Cape May where we would share a bed and you would always kick me in your sleep!!! Remember when we left the restaurant and daddy hit his head on the coat rack, and we really tried not to laugh :)...but then he did too, so it was ok!!!

*Remember when you slept over in my dorm at college one weekend??? That was fun!

*Going to the beach and fainting at the same exact moment because we both didn't drink enough water!!! The ice cream helped though, right??

*I loved telling you when I was pregnant with Julia, that was our fun little secret before we told the rest of the family!

*Driving you to work at Monmouth Mall and venting all our feelings to eachother.

*Remember before I got married we had a tradition of going to the movie theater after Christmas gift time??? We saw Step Mom with Julia Roberts, and what else???

*All our sister shopping days!!! We love to shop together with a coffee :)

*Movie nights...Four Christmases, The Proposal...I love to hear you laugh in the theater...you are soooooooooooooo loud!!!!

I love you Sara twin girl :)

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  1. Sisters are a treasure. I love mine just as dearly.


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