01 December 2009

Finding just the right tree...

During our long Thanksgiving weekend we used Saturday to go to the Giamerse farm in East Brunswick, (owned by a great Christian family that attends Calvary Bible Church in Old Bridge) to find just the right tree for our home.

John and I love looking for "our" Christmas Tree. It has always been a fun family favorite of ours. This year was extra special because Julia got to help and Mark was there wide awake with us. I can't explain the feeling of peace and contentment of having our two children with us. Our family feels very much complete this year!

Well we got to the farm and we were allowed to roam around and look for just the right one. I let Julia out of the stroller so she could follow daddy and so I could take tons of photos...I wish I could post them all...I took a lot!

She loved the freedom of walking all around and pointing to the trees, some of which we her height. We of course were looking for a much taller tree. We found just the right one...we are very silly, but we like to name our tree...this year it is a girl and her name is Tanya. She is very pretty. 7ft tall and she is a Norway Spruce...our house smelled heavenly when we first brought her in. Since I grew up with a fake tree it has been so nice that each year that we've been married to try something new and different and buy a real one each year.

We were going to come home and decorate Tanya, but we decided to just eat some pasta and relax with the kids, we planned to decorate her after naptime on Sunday so Julia could help!!! Check out tomorrow to see how it went!

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