16 December 2009

When Sickness Strikes

Yesterday Julia woke up from her nap extra groggy. I should've known something was up but I had so many last minute things to pick up at Old Bridge Shops that I just wrote it off as to being sleepy.

We hit the Children's Place, The Gap, Baby Gap and then headed for the car. It was about 5pm...it only took me maybe 20 minutes to get what I needed. In baby Gap Julia looked rather pale to me and she barely talked in any of the stores which is NOT my JuJu!!!

When I got her in the car she began whimpering and I just told her not to worry we were headed home and would have dinner...well about 7 minutes into the drive I heard the awful vomiting sound. I quickly turned off of Rt 34 off to a side street so I could comfort her. She was so distraught. I told her not to worry, mommy would clean her up once we got home. I got a little frantic once I began driving again because I was trying to picture how I could hold Mark and bathe Julia. Mark is very temperamental in the evenings between dinner time and bed time. So, luckily I called John. His job is only about 7 miles from our home, and since he has many instructors working for him he can usually leave rather easy in an emergency.

I got home and brought both kids inside. Of course Mark was brought in first, since I knew after handling Julia I would be covered in well, you know. I didn't even take Mark out of his car seat, he happily, thank the Lord, sucked on his pacifier while I bathed Julia upstairs. Just as Mark was getting fidgety, Daddy walked in the door and scooped him up.

I then had to dress Julia and calm her down, by now I could tell she had a slight fever. I gave her some Tylenol and layed her on the couch to watch a veggie tales. She didn't move. Another sign that your child is indeed sick and not themselves. Then John was gracious enough to clean my car and Julia's car seat while I fed Mark dinner.

We are still recovering today with Julia having a slight fever, but thank goodness for a great team when sickness strikes. I couldn't do it without John!!!

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  1. Oh, poor JuJu! We will be praying that you feel better soon.


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