30 December 2009

Mark at 7 months old

In this photo (taken last night) Mark is with my mom and my grandpa, and his sister Miss Julia!!!

Mark is now 7 months old. He is doing much better of sleeping at night. (Last night was 10 hours)

* He rolls both ways
* Drinks from a sippy cup
* Eats Pastina and veggies for dinner
* Loves graham crackers
* Eats bagels
* Eats crackers
* Sits up
* 9 month clothes fit him best
* He is very laid back
* loves to laugh
* Very ticklish
* A mama's boy through and through (I secretly love this)
* Can play with Julia
* Loves to eat his toes

Mark you are a gift of God...a true gem! I love you, son.

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  1. Mark, our little man, you are growing up so quickly! I love being able to watch you grow (even though we are far away). Make sure that your Mommy gives you lots of kisses from me. Love you, little man.


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