02 December 2009

Tree Lighting

The McInerney household has 3 main rules during Christmas tree decorating (I came to learn these rules when John and I had our first Christmas together :)

Rule #1 There must be Christmas music playing in the background. John believes that you must create Christmas spirit atmosphere! So he made sure to load up the Ipod with tons of fun Christmas songs.

Rule #2 There must be popcorn and chocolate chip cookies. (Good thing I baked some fresh cookies as part of our Thanksgiving dessert.) I think this rule was made because John loves to eat!!! But this totally became Julia's favorite part of decorating. She was even trying to share her popcorn with Mark...she always wants to share and feels everyone must have everything...she is very fair...I sense another teacher in the making.

Rule #3 There must be hot cocoa. Okay, so this is my favorite rule. I love hot cocoa with those itty bitty marshmallows...and we always add extra marshmallows. Yummm...I think I want some right now. LOL

So, with music playing, good munchies, and a hot, tasty mug full of hot chocolate and marshmallows...we began with the decorating.

John wrapped the lights around the tree, while Julia ate popcorn and I took photos...Mark just hung out on the couch. We decided last year to keep our tree not in our living room near the front door where it has been in the past, but to keep it in the "blue room" or "reading room" we call it. This room was added on behind our gargage by the original owners and it is a unique space with a very high ceiling and sky light. I love this room because it is right off to the right of the kitchen and it is so cozy. There's enough room for the kids to play while John has his special reading chair, and I have my favorite Ethan Allen canvasy white sofa...it is the most comfortable sofa EVER!!!

When we switched on the lights we had Julia's full attention! She loved them. She kept saying Lights? Lights? Then we all took turns putting on the red, silver and gold ornaments. Let's just say that ornament is way too hard for a 2 year old to say...we practiced but I finally just called them pretty decorations. So Julia says, pretty? pretty!!!

The best part was turning off all the lights in the house and just sitting on the sofa snuggling and looking at our tree!! Tanya the tree looks perfect in our house...she's not too big and fat like we normally choose. She's just right.


  1. That is so neat! Have you checked out the video of Addie seeing the tree for the first time? I think you and Julia will get a kick out of it.

  2. oh yes! We loved it...my fav part was when you kept telling her to do nice to the ornaments...the first few days of our tree up randomly julia would bring me ornaments from the tree...now she leaves it alone but likes to smell it!


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