07 December 2009

God's Perfect Timing

In my devotional today, Praying for Purpose by Katie Brazelton, it discussed God's Timing in our life. It made us all think back to the many times we could see God's perfect timing in our life. It was so neat to look back over my life and see God's hand in such mighty ways guiding me and leading me to a closer walk with Him. Here are ten examples of God's perfect timing in my own life. I encourage you to look back on your own life and see how God's timing really and truly is perfect.

1. God giving me the right words and understanding to communicate to my mom at age 5 that I wanted to accept Christ as my Lord and Savior of my life. It amazes me how God ordains those special moments with mother and child, or father and child when it is time to talk about spiritual things. I am so thankful I shared my heart with my mom at that age, and that God gave me the desire at that time to voice my need of Him in my life. Although in 2nd and 3rd grade I asked Jesus into my life again, because I thought maybe I didn't do it right.

2. My aunt Leah and I (we are only a year apart!) traveled two summers in a row to Camp Cherith in PA where we were taught how to grow as Christian young ladies and make christians friends. That time away from my parents and that special time with Christian camp leaders and my aunt Leah were wonderful memories for me. Leah and I became so close, we promised each other we would always be a part of each other's life and that our children would be friends and we would be in each other's weddings. Leah was my matron of honor and I love her to pieces. I am so thankful for her love and friendship over the years.

3. At age 11 God put on my heart that I should be baptized. God has been so faithful to continue to grow me and mature me in Him. I was the only young person who got baptized at that time the rest of the people in my class were adults, but I didn't feel strange at all. I knew it was my time to get in front of my peers and tell them why I believed in Jesus. One sad memory I have is that my parents never came to church that day. To this day I will never know why they did that, but that's okay. It was God's time for me to be baptized and Pam Zollner my mentor and dear friend brought me to church that day and she was there for me. Pam was also very instrumental after I graduated college. She mentored me at Barnes n Noble once a week we did a bible study together and prayed for many things that were pressing on my heart. I was able to share lots of important and private things to her and she always listened with an open heart and prayed for me and gave me excellent advice. I am thankful for that time she was ever present in my life when I really needed accountability and a mentor.

4. At age 15 I got a giant cell tumor. This tumor was in the bone of my right foot and would ultimately keep me out of HS my sophomore year. This would allow me to have surgery and heal...but more importantly this allowed me to grow close to Jesus and gain so much faith...I knew I would walk again even though the doctors didn't. I claimed Hebrews 11:1 "What is faith? It is the confident assurance that what we ask for is waiting for us, even though we cannot see what is up ahead." I read my Bible severel times a day...and I mean poured over God's word. It was like I was in a desert and was so thirsty for one thing: God!!! He became so real to me! I journaled every day...I prayed! I wrote out songs and hymns of praise. Jesus became my very best friend, even when some of my high school friends seem to forget about me, at least I had Jesus with me all the time giving me hope and encouragement. I truly believe that during this time God revealed to me my purpose for living. He gave me a zeal for learning and knowledge, and he gave me so much wisdom...wisdom that a 15 year old just doesn't have on their own, and I am not bragging, I am giving God all the credit. It is amazing what God shows you and teaches you when you are just vulnerable and humble and only seeking His face each day...I grew so dependent on Him.

5. At age 16 I began studying Evangelism Explosion with Bill Weaver and Charlie Longo, Erv Knight, and Mrs. Bauerdorf. This was a great way for me to learn how to share my faith and it was just at the time when I started to really worry about my unsaved friend's souls. I began having dreams where they would ask me, "why haven't you told me about Jesus?" EE was the perfect way for me to gain confidence in sharing Jesus to just about anyone. I was able to memorize verses that really helped me to understand and share the gospel so that I would always have a response if someone were to ask me a question about my beliefs. Little did I know how much during my Junior and Senior year of HS that I would be sharing my faith!

6. I was so fearful to begin my Junior year back at HS. I loved being home-schooled and received straight A's at home. The morning of my first day back of my first day of Jr year I sat quietly on the bathroom floor and prayed for God to show me a verse and give me strength because I was so afraid of going to school with a crutch and a limp. He gave me Isaiah 41:10 which is one of my favorite verses. "Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed for I am your God. I will strengthen you. Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.'

7.At age 16, my Junior year in Feb...I met John McInerney...not knowing that one day we would marry and have a family (Of course John says that once he saw me he knew we would marry...he's a romantic, alright!)! But God knew! God also knew that I would be one of the main people in John's life to share God's truth!

8. In 2000 I graduated from college and really didn't know where God wanted me to go...I think because I was not seeking God I began to have no direction. It was God's perfect timing that I started working back at The Limited at EB Mall and a beautiful Spanish, christian, lady walked in and her daughter's name was Christy...she was so cute with long curly black hair. We hit it off and I kept talking and playing with Christy...finally the mom says, You should work with children! There is an opening at my nursery school in New Brunswick, are you interested!!!! Whoa...that is what got me focused again on my love of teaching. I taught at United Children's PreSchool for the rest of that year (7 months) and then I took my teacher's certification test and applied at Christian schools in NJ...and landed a 3rd grade teaching job at Timothy Christian School!!!! Thank you Lord for your timing on this one...you knew where you wanted me and when would be the best time!

9. John and I got married in 2003, but in 2002 I began my graduate studies at Baptist Bible College in Clarks Summit PA. for three summers I took graduate classes and got my graduate degree in May 2005. I met my Dean, Dr. Hartzler at a Teacher Convention while I was teaching at Timothy. Sitting in one of Dr. Hartzler's classes was like learning under Paul or another great apostle. Dr. Hartzler LOVES God's Word and he is an excellent teacher. He taught me that if I want to be a good Christian school teacher I needed to have a changed life to change lives...and that was when I thoroughly gave my heart and life back over to Jesus and really began whole heartedly serving Him again. I stopped listening to the music I was listening to, I dressed differently, I acted differently...John and even my parents saw the difference...grad school really changed me because of Dr. Hartzler and his zeal and passion for God's Word and teaching! I know for a fact I am a better teacher and much closer to Jesus because of him. He is one of my spiritual parents. He even saw a change in me over those 3 years and asked me to speak at our graduation dinner.

10. Getting pregnant. John and I were so excited to get married and learn about each other as a couple. We traveled whenever we got the chance. (After the holidays I will be explaining each of our over seas trips every Friday!) He has taken me to China, Italy, Spain, France, Dominican Republic, England, Mexico...it was awesome!!! We would travel whenever school let out or during the Christmas break when we both had a week to 10 off. We did a lot in only 4 years...but then, we both, me especially really got the baby bug! By 2006 I was super ready to get pregnant and have a baby! But it was God's Timing that said, "Not yet, wait on me..." I grew so worried that something was wrong with us. Why wasn't God allowing us to get pregnant I wondered? I knew we would be great parents. We loved God. What was wrong? Every month I would cry and worry, ...we picked out names since we were first married and so I began praying for a Julia or a Mark, and finally in January of 2007 I said to myself "enough is enough" I knew I would have to just trust God's timing. John surprised me that Christmas with a trip to Paris...a place I've always wanted to go since I took AP French for so long and my great grandma was French. That Valentine's Day I surprised him with our puppy Paris, and literally 2 months later...we found out we were expecting!!!! Only now do I totally realize why God said wait, only now can I totally appreciate God's perfect timing. He knew how demanding being a mom is. He knew how much I loved teaching. I fully believe he worked it all out in His perfect time to give us the abundant life...and who would've known that Mark was not very far behind!

God you have perfect timing. Help me to listen to your timing and watch it unfold in my life. Help me not to worry but to trust you! Help me not to run ahead of you but to hold your hand.

Ecclesiastes 3:1
To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven.


  1. Kristi, this testimony was so wonderful to read. I didn't know a lot of these things about you. I vaguely remember the cell tumor, but not clearly. You have an amazing testimony of what God can do in the life of someone who is truly sold out to Him and wants to please Him in every way.

  2. thanks Suzette! I miss you! I can sense you are away...but I hope you are having a ball!

  3. =) That made me smile Mrs. Mac, thanks for writing it all!


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