21 May 2010

The Big Birthday Party List :)

Mark Ciro turns 1!!!

In less than 6 days my Marky will be a year old! I can't believe how quickly this year has gone. A mommy friend once told me that the days are long but the years are short, and it is soooo true!

We are celebrating Mark's birthday on Memorial Day weekend with family and friends at our church from 2-5 p.m. We have around 100 people coming, 120 were invited, but you know how that goes!

I've been planning and prepping for this big party since the fall...here is my list of things that I had to do! Party Planning is taken very seriously here in the McInerney household. :) Okay, well, I take it very seriously because I just want everything to go smoothly and everyone to have fun!

The List

1. Invitations
2. Paperwork and downpayment on the use of the church
3. Favors
4. Mark's 1 year old pictures
5. Order the food
6. Order the cake
7. Buy decorations
8. Buy goody bags for the kids
9. Buy the goodies
10. Assemble the goody bags
11. Seating Arrangement-we need over 15 tables with 8 people per table
12. Organize events for the kids... A) Face Painting B) Coloring Contest C)Bubble contest
13. Prizes for kids
14. Pick up photos from JCPenny's
15. Assemble the favors (photos in frames)
16. Create a special surprise for the best Daddy in the world
17. John--Create Mark's first year baby video
18. Contact guests about red/white and blue theme
19. DJ for fun music for kids (Godfather John will do this!)
20. Prepare a table of all Mark's memories from his first year (scrapbook albums)
21. Write out what we will say to guests throughout the day
22. Guessing Game for adults all about Mark, like 1. How much does Mark weigh? 2. What are his favorite foods? etc.


All I have left to do now is order the balloons, pick up the photos, pick up all the plastic dinner plates and such at Costco, and buy the tablecloths!

It's all coming together and I can't wait til next Saturday!!!


  1. oh my goodness! can i rent you out for v's birthday party :) how do you do it? i can't wait!

  2. Yes you can, and it would be no charge!!! I love you Rayna!!!

  3. Party time!!!! Sounds like you're going to have a blast! I look forward to seeing pics of the big day! Happy birthday to Mark. :-) Oh, and btw, I was so sorry to hear about your family tragedy. I know it's so hard to see God's plan in circumstances like that.~


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