10 May 2010

Mother's Day in Princeton

On Sunday, after nap time, we loaded the car with 1)Aunt Sara, 2)Double Stroller, 3) A red diaper bag filled to the brim with picnic snacks 4) 2 adorable kiddies, 5) A sleeping daddy, 6) Juju songs 7) A big picnic blanket and of course 8) One happy mommy!

We headed to Princeton! Julia had all of us in stitches as she sang her songs and wore mommy's sunglasses! Poor John was stuck in the middle of the two car-seats, but he and Marky slept most of the ride there which was very nice (although Julia wanted to wake up her daddy).

Once in Princeton we parked in a $2.75 all day parking garage (Yes!) and headed to the campus. I love being outside, walking around Princeton, it just makes me feel very preppy and smart! It was very windy and a bit chilly, but nothing could dampen our mood (except losing Mark's Binky and having a not so happy camper on the ride home).

We walked around for a bit, found a fun open spot near a massive tree and began snacking, while Julia practiced her new spin, jump dance Aunt Sara taught her (how she remembers the 3 or 4 steps really impresses me, but most of all she had us laughing). Julia was in all her glory with Aunt Sara with us, and being able to run and play on the open field. I tried to give her lots of freedom. She even met a cutie dog friend!

Then, we went near the shops and got some cappuccinos and hot chocolates for us and big chocolate chip cookies to share for everyone. Our final mission: The Bent Spoon!!! The serve the BEST ice cream ever! Julia got her own two scoops of vanilla and mango! Oh, I had to steal a few bites, she was having so much fun doing it all by herself, and kept telling John, "Juju do it, Juju do it!" When he tried to help her. I felt bad when she put too much in her mouth and got an ice cream headache, poor girl! But she is just so independent, just like her mommy!

We had a gloriously, wonderful time! I can't wait for the warmer days so we can go back and spend more time there. I really want my mom and dad to come too. Julia loves being with them and with more adults it helps me to relax more!

Thank you John for such a great day! Did I mention that John let me sleep in for 2 hours before church while he fed the kids breakfast and played with them? It was such a great start to my day. He even taught Julia how to say Happy Mother's Day, so when I finally walked down the steps, she ran over to me and shouted, "Mommy! Happy Modder's Day!" Okay, that was the best part of all, and she gave me a great big leg hug!!!

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  1. I LOVE IT!!!!!! The pictures are absolutely gorgeous, and I can almost see the movement in JuJu's dance picture. You are just as beautiful as always. I am so glad your Modder's Day was so wonderful!


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