13 May 2010

The Inside Scoop...

I had to "borrow" this idea from a blog I follow click here to see her beautiful creativity and answers.

I am thankful for...sleeping through the night, Mark has gotten into a really good schedule now that his tooth popped through, the past 2 weeks have been wonderful!

Outside my window...today is a rainy, cloudy day, but days like this I don't allow myself to get down, I just find fun things for us to do indoors, and I always try to sneak in some extra deep cleaning time.

I am thinking...about my John, the last few days he has been overwhelmed at work, and when I talk to him I can sense it. I've been slipping some extra verses of Scripture in his lunch to keep him motivated and reminding him of God's truth.

I am wearing...jeans, black shirt, and a white zipper hoodie...wish I could dress "prettier" but today is a get down to it type of day!

I am going...to Wal-Mart for diapers, to library class at 10 am, to the Coyles later in the evening!

From the kitchen...tonight I am making chicken cutlets, broccoli and cheese, and some shells and sauce!

Around the house...today Julia and I just finished a load of laundry, I need to clean the upstairs bedrooms and bathrooms, and John made the bed already for me upstairs (what a darling he is).

One of my favorite things...my cup of coffee, my kids happily playing, extra time with John, and a back rub (my back is so sore these days!)

A few plans for the rest of the week...Thursday I get to visit Rayna and her newborn, her newly adopted Veronica, and bring them a meal. We got to spend time with them yesterday and Julia was loving on all Rayna's little ones...she's such a good little mommy! Friday and Saturday is the Enoch home school convention. Saturday evening we are going out for Korean with the Dimare's while the kids get tucked in by Miss Sarah, and Sunday evening we have another couples night out with the Lee's in Branchburg!

From my picture journal...This picture of Julia and Marky is one of my favorites. I can't believe how big they've grown. I am one proud mommy!


  1. I have done this activity twice! Isn't it fun!

  2. I like that idea, it made for a really sweet post! I'm glad to hear you are a coffee-lover like me. I just knew we would be good friends... =)

  3. I love these day books! I've done one too...maybe it's time for another - they're a great peek into your life. Looks like you have super fun plans coming up this week! I'm slightly jealous of all your nights out w/ other couples :-) Wish we had friends that were free and fun like that! Hope you have a great Thursday!


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