12 May 2010

Mark at 11 Months: Photo Shoot

We took Mark and Julia for a photo shoot (I needed to have pictures for Mark's one year birthday party coming up, and my Julia is almost 2 1/2 so it worked out well). When I say we, my sister Sara met me there! Phew! Thank goodness, photo shoots are hard work when children are involved.

She came with coffee and I brought lollipops! We went to JCPenny at the Freehold Mall and they are really wonderful there. Stacey helped us and she tried so many fun and creative poses. I just did whatever she suggested. And I told her not to wait for a smile, I like photos that are natural looking, and with kids getting them to smile can be a big challenge!

We had a lot of fun!

Now that Mark is 11 months, he now has a brand new bottom tooth, which he is proud of! He is "walking" all around now by holding onto furniture and push toys. He loves to be wherever Julia or mommy is. When John gets home from work, he crawls over and grunts to be picked up! (Daddy loves this)

Mark has quite a personality. He is very funny and loves to be tickled. He is always "talking" and clapping, when he isn't crawling, or eating. He eats EVERYTHING!!! Seriously, I can't keep food away from him! He loves food that is red and orange! So tomatoes, apples, oranges, melons, strawberries, plums, grapes, are a big hit with him! And his favorite snack foods are cheeze-its and cheese doodles!

He still has big blue eyes and red hair...people keep saying they may change, but I don't think so!

And, his favorite person in the entire world, is still...mommy! (thank goodness)


  1. Oh, Marky Man! You are such a sweet, handsome bot! I think you are absolutely marvelous!

  2. He's a cutie-patootie! And his sis is adorable:) They grow so fast, don't they?! My "babies" are 14 & 10 now...love 'em bunches but I sure do miss having little ones around:)

  3. Very cute! I love the one with the juice box (I think that's what it is)...so cute! What a grin!!

  4. Hi Kristi! Thanks for stopping by and entering the Windy Poplars giveaway :-) If you're looking for some new friends/readers, why not join in the Kindred Connection Party? It will undoubtedly bring some new traffic your way! These pics of Mark (and you and Julia) are WAY too cute! They came out so good! You should be very pleased... Hope you're having a great week so far, ~Kristin


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