25 May 2010

The Clerigos and Lungus

God has truly blessed us with the most amazing friends. The Clerigos and the Lungus are couples we met at Taekwondo and have grown to love dearly. They have been wonderful to us and whenever the weather gets nice you can find us at eachother's home having some type of BBQ. We center our friendship around good food and lots of laughter!!!

The Clerigos are Portuguese and the Lungus are Romanian so they have the best accents in the world. I could sit and listen to them talk all day. And Paula and Violeta are the best cooks, I am always asking them for recipes because the meals and desserts they whip up are delicious!

What I also love is that Adrian, John, and my John are so goofy together. We are always amazed at what antics they come up with! I love these guys and John always has a blast when they come over or we are over their house!

Here are some pics from when they were over our house in April for a BBQ...and tomorrow I'll be posting some pics from when we were at the Lungus house this past Saturday for a BBQ...oh and Violeta made the best bean salad I've ever had, and she just gave me the recipe and I will be sharing it with you all!

I love you Adrian and Violeta and John and Paula! You guys mean the world to us!!!

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  1. Good friends are hard to come by. I'm so glad you are my friend:)


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