30 May 2010

The Big Party: Red, White, and Blue!!!

All my planning came to an end on Saturday, May 29th. We had the big party for Marky at our church from 2-5 p.m. It was very tiring, but wonderful to see all of our family and friends celebrate Marky's first birthday. I think for us having a huge party for a one year old is now a McInerney tradition because for us it is a huge accomplishment to have a baby and survive that first year! Seriously, being a parent is a lot of work, and what a great way to celebrate life with all your loved ones than to have a great big party filled with games, food, and lots of fun.

Did it all go as I had planned, of course not. I never got to thank all the women who helped me get through my motherhood journey this year. Honestly having Mark was really hard the first few months, especially with a 17 month old running around and needing me just as much. So many of our friends and family helped me, supported me, prayed for me, watched the kids for me, and just got me through some difficult times. I wanted to so bad to get on the microphone and tell them Thank You and I love you, but Mark was so clingy, and he was in pain from teething, and there was so much to do as a hostess, it just didn't happen.

Today (Sunday) actually I had a bit of a meltdown about it (poor John and to see my hysterically cry about it, but hey that's what good hubby's are for). I've been planning this party since the fall, and I've been thinking about what I wanted to say to certain people, publicly, and I just was so disappointed that I didn't do it. John said it just wasn't in God's timing, then, which was good to hear but hard to take and believe. I did the best I could, but you know what, I just need to accept that not everything is going to go as I plan...and for the control freak that I am, that is VERY hard.

Anyway, everyone who said they were coming came, and I loved that! We invited about 120 people, and 95 came...Yay! The hardest part for me was the table seating...trying to fit everyone's family at a table with people they know and like, etc when only 8 people fit at a table, is super hard work. But all in all it worked out, I guess.

I hope you enjoy some of the pics. I love you my Mark man. Mommy wanted this day to be special for you!


  1. Your party looks like it was a huge success! I'm sure everyone knows how you felt about them. You are so go at letting people know how much they are appreciated.

  2. Looks like the party was absolutely beautiful, and a wonderful time!!! What a fun way to celebrate such a momentous occasion!


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