28 May 2010

Birthday Fun :)

We were so happy to have Daddy with us for dinner and cake last night. He's been away on business all week and we've barely seen much of him. It's been rather lonely, especially at nighttime.

Julia raced to the door to say, "Daddy I MISSED you!" This has been her new phrase since last Friday when I went to the church business meeting and put her in the nursery. She did not appreciate being in there past her bedtime. She is just like her mommy. When I went to pick her up they said she just sat in a chair off to the side and was rather sad. As I put her in the car and asked her what was wrong, she said, "Mom, I had to talk to you...I MISSED you mommy." Oh, my, did I feel bad. This was the first time she was ever able to explain her feelings to me. Now she says it a lot and knows just when to melt our hearts, especially Daddy's.

Mark didn't care too much for his cake. At the zoo today I bought Julia cotton candy, and she loved it, but when I offered Mark a piece he started to laugh hysterically, as if to say, "MOM, you don't eat COTTON!" He wouldn't eat it! I was amazed. I think he's gonna be super healthy like Daddy is. Anyway, he had a few tastes of cake, but promptly signed all done, and I wasn't about to be late with cleaning him up, because if he signs all done and you are too slow he rubs food in his hair as if to say, "I TOLD you I was all done!"

After cake, I cleaned up the kitchen and dining room (again :)) and John took the kids in the Reading room and they played with toys. John taught Julia how to bunt a volleyball and she became obsessed, he is just sure she is going to be a pro volleyball player now, we shall see. LOL

Mark just cruised around enjoying every minute of his daddy time. Then it was off for PJS upstairs and books/puzzle time in Julia's room. I wanted to take pictures but we were having too much fun.

Then it was Bible time, prayer time and tucking everyone in and goodnight kisses. We brought Mark downstairs to take a few more birthday photos and then he got so sleepy so I put him to bed.

It was a great birthday night. Filled with my three favorite people.


  1. Oh, Kristi! It sounds like such a wonderful evening! Oh, Marky, we can't even begin to tell you how special you are and how happy we are that God made you. You bring so much joy to so many. May God richly pour out hHis blessings upon you, and may you grow up yo be a mighty man for Him.

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful evening! I hope your husband had a great birthday, it looks like the cake was yummy! =)

  3. Tim and I for sure want to teach our baby signing :) How early did you start...any good tips/websites...if I only still lived in NJ, Mrs. G could help!


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