26 November 2013

Every Mom Has a Story: Kathy McCain

Every Mom Has A Story: Kathy McCain

I met Kathy as a little girl in church.  I always remember her as a sweet, fun-loving person who always had a smile on!  I distinctly remember her parents being great godly parents to be admired.  Her mom was always nice to me.

Kathy moved away and we both grew up in different schools and places.  Thank goodness for Facebook because once we became friends online we have stayed in touch ever since.  Kathy has been married longer than I have to a wonderful man named Chuck!  They have three beautiful children, Chris is 11, Alex is 8, and Jackie, her only daughter is 4.

Kathy is very special to me because she has the gift of encouragement.  Ever since I started blogging she would comment on my writings and always give me positive feedback.  Every single book club I have done she has bought the book and followed right along with me, chapter by chapter.  She's been such a loyal friend, and such a great big encouragement.  She is such a great mom and wife and I wanted to share her with all of you!

Here is Kathy's story:

When you first found out you were going to be a mom what was your reaction?
 1. When I first found out I was pregnant, I couldn't believe it!  I was worried how we were going to get everything ready in time.  When I was 4 months pregnant, I got dehydrated and got put in the hospital.  A week later, I was driving home from my parents because my husband, Chuck was out of town on business and my whole left side went numb.  By the time I made it to my house and tried to use my key, it took several attempts.  When I got to the phone to call my parents, I was slurring.  I went back to the hospital and found out I had a blood clot on top of my head.  I had to give myself shots twice a day due to being on blood thinners.  I couldn't take pills because it hurts the baby.  I was induced and actually had a great trip to the hospital.  I was so blessed to have been given a very healthy boy!  Well worth the trouble!

When you brought your newborn home did you feel ready or overwhelmed?  Explain those first few weeks.
2.  I felt very overwhelmed when we brought our Chris home.  I had an epidural which gave me a very bad headache and could hardly sit up to nurse him.  He also lost weight in the beginning and I took it as a failure as a mom.  I know better now after having 3 kids!  It was hard getting use to very little sleep and Chuck having to go to work.

How do you juggle working inside/outside of the home and family time?
3.  I was blessed and am blessed to be a stay at home mom!  We as a family try to go on a vacation every year!  When Chuck isn't working or going to school, we try to keep the kids entertained with activities close to home.

What tradition does your family have that you are not willing to give up? 
4.  Our family tradition for Christmas is reading in the Bible about Jesus's birth before we open gifts.  Jesus is the reason for the season and I never want my kids to think it's about the gifts!!!!!

If you are a stay at home mom, what do you love the most about it?  What is the most difficult?
5.  Growing up, my mom was a stay at home mom and after school, our house was where most of the kids were.  I love that now that I am the house where all the kids are.  I love just being with my kids!  The difficult days are when my kids can't go outside due to rain.  We are an outside type of family!  Also, it's hard when we don't spend a lot of time with their Dad, my husband because he can be a kid at heart and plays with them!

Thank you Kathy for sharing with us!!!


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