04 November 2013

Introducing New Meals

Will they like it?

Introducing a new meal to the family can be fun!  I live in a household with very good eaters.  My picky eater is only my 4 year old son, Mark, but I have found that if I serve salad or fruit with a meal I never have to worry if he ate enough.

When introducing a new dish to your family be sure to have at least one or two favorites included in the dish or on the side so it isn't too overwhelming, or if they don't like it at all at least you know there is something on the table they will eat.  Serving a roll, or fruit cup, or a salad ensures that some type of nutrition/sustenance will be had!

This week after playing on Pinterest I decided to make Grilled Vegetables Quesadillas with Goat Cheese and Pesto on Wednesday.  On Thursday of last week we ate at a friend's house for dinner and her quesadillas were delicious, the kids loved them, and this dish looks easy enough and is loaded with veggies and cheese, so I am inspired to try it!!!

On Thursday this week I will post on how my family liked the new dish!  Happy meal planning and cooking this week!!!

Feel free to post or share any of your favorite meals or new meals you are going to try this week!

Anyone can make dinner, but make it your passion to COOK awesome meals this week for those you love!


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