08 November 2013

Keeping Up in the Fast Paced Life: Recipe Binder

Keeping It All Together

Let's face it.  We live in the northeast.  Life is busy.  John calls me a Nascar pit stop!  I can't help it.  In this part of the country we live life in a fast paced time warp.  Sometimes its awesome, other times it can be overwhelming.

I needed to have a quick and easy way to organize my recipes and meal planning.  So I did what I did in graduate school to survive.  I got a binder and clear sheet protectors and went to town.  I started compiling all the recipes I liked from magazines or notes I jotted down from tv shows and I made a complete Momma Mac's Monthly Menu/ Recipe Binder.  It was when I only had two kids and actual free time (now with Micah...let's be honest...I'm lucky I can still find the binder!)

Here is the link that will show you how I put the binder together:

I hope you enjoyed my Meal Planning/Recipe week!  It actually really inspired me to cook and be creative in the kitchen again.  I hope/pray it was a blessing to you too!

Have a great weekend!

Next week I will post all about our Christmas Traditions and Celebrations and everything in between!!!


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