14 November 2013

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Smiles All Around

One of my absolute favorite things to do during Christmas is to shop for the stocking stuffers!  As a matter of fact me and my mom and sisters still give each other stocking stuffer gifts because they are just so fun!

I think the kids like them too because it's an extra prize that they might even forget to open or check!  

I know some families who open up their stocking stuffers on Christmas Eve.  So what do you get to bring smiles to the faces of those that you love?  Here are some great ideas for your kids and for your spouse:

Kids Stocking Stuffers:

1. Favorite kind of candy wrapped in a bow
2. New DVD 
3. Soft socks with a cool design
4. New Mittens/Hat or Gloves/Scarf
5. New pad/crayons or journal/markers
6. Rainbow Loom (Julia's getting this one!)
7. Kid's CD for their room/car
8. New Toothbrush/Toothpaste

For the Hubby/Adults:

1. New Aftershave
2. New DVD/tied with a bow and a bag of microwaveable popcorn
3. Favorite Candy
4. New Leather Gloves
5. New Scarf
6. New Wallet
7. Engraved Key Chain
8. Framed Picture of the Family for Desk at Work

9. Personalized Mini-Calendar (include all family pics)


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