20 November 2013

My Facebook Page Launch

Keeping Up With Kristi on Facebook

Hi all!  I have been wanting to do a Facebook page for over a year now, but between being pregnant with baby #3 and then having Micah...my life got busy super fast and I couldn't add one more thing to my plate. Now that Micah is almost 8 months...the "dust is starting to settle".  And I am slowly finding my way back to my rhythm of life.  School is well underway.  We've been homeschooling since August and are even beginning to come to the middle of a lot of our curriculum!  

Now that we have more routine nap times with all 3 kids I actually have office time again!

I plan to blog at least 4-5 times a week, by doing a book club, sharing recipes, sharing homemaking ideas, discussing parenting topics, and even delving into the book of Matthew as a Bible study on Mondays starting in December!

Thanks for all of you who Keep Up with me!  I love blogging and hopefully will continue to bless you in some small way if I can!

Click here to view my page!  Be sure to click LIKE to Like it!


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