22 November 2013

Meal Baby: Most Awesome Thing Ever

Meal Baby Plan

One of the hardest things to do as a new mom is cook a decent meal.  After all you just had a baby and all you really want to do is hug, kiss, nurse, hold, rock, and cradle that sweet baby (or babies) in your arms. 
It is such a beautiful gift when people bring you meals those first few weeks after a newborn is in the home.  It's one less thing to worry about and stress over.

Today I just set up a meal baby plan at http://www.mealbaby.com for a friend at church.  She is due in December and I wanted to bless her in this way.

I loved organizing this and setting up the link for her and it is something I plan on doing again in the future to help those mommies I know and love.  I had to share this with all of you out there who know someone you love is pregnant and you want to bless her with a meal plan so that when she comes home from the hospital she won't even have to think about making dinner!

Click here to see the website!  It's awesome!


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