23 November 2013

Moving Beyond Baby Food

No More Mushy Food, Please!

This past week was when it first happened that I was completely aware of.  Micah cried through breakfast and most of lunch time, until it clicked.  This kid (7 months old) does not want this jar food anymore!  Poor guy was trying to let me know, "Hey mom, I'm moving on!  I'm ready for bigger, chunkier, meatier stuff, lady!"

At the end of lunch time I was at my wits end...so I put 5 blueberries on his high chair table and instantly (almost as if someone pressed a mute button on him) the crying stopped and the fingers got busy.  And within a minute the blueberries were gone.  Then I cut up some banana.  At dinner time I offered the poor kid steamed peas...you would have thought I chopped up chocolate the way he ate those peas so fast. Peas, for crying out loud!!!!

Lesson learned (of course this was after I bought 12 new jars of baby food)...Micah wants big people food. Now the joy and journey begins with what he can have, what I can try to give him, and pray no allergies.  For the past few days I've tried strawberries, chicken, carrots, potatoes, protein pancakes, eggs, and so far so good!

We are moving beyond baby food people!  And next Monday Micah turns 8 months.  How and when did that happen?!?!


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  1. wow!!! thats really exciting news!!!
    my babyboy turns 8 months next week too and im also thinking of giving him something more than baby food...i tried avocado but he didnt like it (i dont blame him) but he did like bread crust! banana is next tomorrow morning and carrots later on the day.
    im wishing both our babies great appetites...funny food moments and NO allergies!!! xxxx


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