25 November 2013

So Incredibly Thankful

It Is Good To Give Thanks To The Lord!

One thing I am so thankful for is the fact that John's CFP test is over!!!!!!!! We won't know until December 23rd if he passed but for now it is just so great to have ALL of him when he is home from work.  No more studying, no more library time, no more index cards, no more practice tests.  Thank goodness.  In my heart I feel he has definitely passed because nobody studied harder for that test than he did, but the fact that it is over is wonderful.

This year the biggest blessing has been having a baby in the house.  Julia is practically 6 and Mark is 4, and let me tell you I was really missing the baby stage.  Well, now that we are fully in it not only do I get to enjoy having a baby, but watching Julia and Mark fawn over Micah all day long is just the sweetest thing!  And he just loves crawling after them.  He always wants to be near the big kids.  I can see it in his eyes that he is so impressed with them!  He tries to talk to them with his baby sounds, and he just laughs and smiles at whatever silly thing they do.  

I'm thankful for the people that my kids are turning out to be.  Julia is very nurturing and hard working.  Mark is super funny and eager to please.  And Micah is just a ball of energy and joy.  God has been so good to us, as always.  When I look at this picture, and when John and I are in bed at night we look at ourselves and whisper "We have three kids!" in amazement!  Seriously, who would've thought we would have three kids?!  It's just so cool!  Thank you Lord, we are so very thankful!


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