28 November 2013

Thankful For Each One...

My Family: Team Mac


John, I am thankful for the way you love me so selflessly. The way you go to work each day to provide for us.  I love the way you make your immediate family your priority.  I love how you text me throughout the day to check in on me to see how I am doing.  I love partnering with you and I can't imagine a day without you in it.  
I love that God has put this go-getter mentality in you and how you are always working on a project.  I love that no matter where you are I know you are thinking of us always.  I am so thankful for the man that you have allowed God to mold you into being.  I am so thankful for your faithfulness, your passion, your thinking, and your ethics.
I am so thankful God gave me You, my beloved, my best friend, my heart.


Oh my darling.  I love you for your energy and enthusiasm.  I love how you take charge of any situation and work hard to do your best.  I love how you become the mother instantly at the park caring for all the little ones, even children and babies we've just met.  I love how you include everyone and love on your baby brother Micah.  I love how you put together an outfit (even if it doesn't match).  I love how you find excitement in any new challenge and you always find the bright side of any situation.  I love how your hair falls across your forehead and twists around your finger.  I love your handwriting and the way you talk when you are sounding out words.  I am so thankful God gave me you.  I love you my daughter.  You are my FAVORITE daughter.


Oh, buddy!!! I was so happy the day you entered the world and I found out you were a BOY!  I wanted a son so badly!  And you have been the best super-hero son EVER!  You always have something funny to say, and yet you have this very deep side to you.  I love how you are tender and fair, and how you long for justice to be in the world, even when it is not.  I love how you have started wearing hats again!  I love how you always put your hands in your pockets.  I love how you answer Julia's Math questions during school time and you are usually right (smarty-pants).  I love how your best friend in Charlie, and how you tell me that you love ME the most in the world (after God of course you always tell me!)

I love that nobody else in our little family of five has red hair like you.  You are so special.  And mommy is so thankful for my boy who loves to dress nice just like his Daddy.  I love how you are always wanting us to do family things together.  I am so thankful God gave us you!


Oh my goodness!  My baby boy Micah!  I am so thankful God had it in the plan for us to have one more baby! I am so thankful that he gave you chubby cheeks, chubby hands, chubby thighs, and such a squishy belly.
I am so thankful that you are nothing we expected, but even better than we dreamed.  I am so thankful that you have been the baby who defies all normalicies of what I thought a baby could/should do.  You have rocked our world, and yet, I am so so glad.  You bring us all such joy.  You make us laugh and smile.  All we want to do is cuddle you and take pictures all day.  You are our butterball turkey.  I am so thankful God gave us you.  You are the sweetest, calmest, happiest baby!  We all love you!

Happy Thanksgiving from my Family to Yours!


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