31 March 2014

A Great Love Story: Tabitha and Jamie

And Then There Was Love

I really can't get enough of these love stories!  I love reading how God knits two people together.  I think it is awesome.

My friend Tabitha from MOPS is amazing.  She and I were recently preggo together we our boys Aiden and Micah.  Her children are adorable and Tabitha is such a laid back and fun mom.

Please read her love story with her hubby Jamie...

When did you two meet? 

(Jamie) In 1995 at Camp Calvary, a Summer camp that both our youth groups went to every summer and winter. 
(Tab) We were 15. We had mutual friends and we all hung out together. 
Who approached who first? 

(Jamie) We were introduced by mutual friends. If you want to be technical, I took the first step towards her, so I approached her first. 
(Tab) He approached me. I just remember thinking to myself, “Oh, he does talk!” 
Who spoke the most and who was shy in the beginning? 

(Jamie) Tab definitely spoke the most and still does! I was the shy one in the beginning! 
(Tab) YEP!
Where was your first date? 

(Jamie) Our first date was at the movies in Menlo Park Mall. We saw Cable Guy. How did it go? (Jamie) It went well, I was really nervous, my palms and arm pits were sweating. Good thing it was dark! (Tab) It was the dumbest movie, but I’ll still watch it whenever I catch it on television just because it’s nostalgic for me.
When did you know that she was the one! How long did it take to learn this. (Jamie) I knew Tab was the one while we were in high school. I knew if we could survive our first year of dating, she was the one! That first year was pretty difficult, we lived 1 1/2 hrs apart, we didn’t have our driver’s license yet, and we only saw each other 1 weekend/month!!!

(Tab) I knew he was the one when we were in high school. We were only teenagers, but I could seriously see “growing old” with Jamie. He was very thoughtful about making decisions when it came to our relationship. I remember him saying quite often “I don’t want to mess this up.” I love that!

How did he propose? Were you surprised? 

(Jamie) I actually talked her into cutting her family vacation short and told her I wanted to spend the rest of the week with her. We had left her family vacation in Ocean City early on a Thursday morning. She had no idea we were going until we arrived at the airport gate. Destination - San Diego, CA!!! On our last night, we took a walk after dinner. We were on a path on the La Jolla cliffs, looking over the ocean and watching the sunset. I was a nervous wreck, not only about the proposal, but about this ring that I was carrying all over the place! I had it during her family vacation, through the airport, and through 3 days and 2 nights in San Diego! I was checking my pocket 10,000 times a day!! I just wanted everything to go well. Thank God it did!
(Tab) I was shocked! Jamie planned everything perfectly! When we walked up to the gate at the airport I couldn’t believe we were going to SanDiego. It is one of my favorite places on earth! He’s great at keeping secrets and doing things “just because,” so I didn’t think he was going to propose. Although, after 8 years of dating, I was hoping it was going to happen soon. Our last day there, he sent me for a spa day, planned dinner at “The Cove” (a restaurant overlooking the ocean) and then a walk on the cliffs. I remember my feet were killing me because I was walking in 6 inch heels! I got over it quickly! During the wedding did anything unexpected/funny happen during the ceremony or reception? What was your favorite part? What memory sticks with you even now?
(Jamie) Besides being the hottest day of the year, nothing really unexpected occurred. I just remember the DJ playing the Cha Cha slide while we were outside our venue taking pictures with our wedding party! He made amends by playing it again for us towards the end of the reception! My favorite part and the memory that sticks with me is watching Tab walk down the aisle! She was so angelic, happy, and perfect! (Tab) I remember it being the hottest day of 2005, 105 degrees (August 13th)! I remember I wanted an old car instead of a limo. So I found a 1937 Roles Royce to take us to and from the church. When the driver showed up, I told him to keep the air conditioning on in the car so we would be cool on the way to the church. He looked at me an said, “Lady, you wanted a authentic 1937 Roles Royce. There was no air back then!” DUH! So one of my bridesmaids offered to take me (and my huge dress) to the church in her car so we wouldn’t melt. The car was just used as a prop in our pictures! I still laugh when I think of fact that I didn’t ask if there would be air conditioning in a car that old. My favorite part was our first dance. That’s when I felt like we were officially married. 
What is her best trait? 

(Jamie) Tab’s best trait is the love that she has for her family. She truly puts us before herself. She willingly sacrifices and serves us in anyway she can. She always wants the best for us and does not want us to settle or be satisfied for 2nd best.
What is his best trait? 

(Tab) Jamie’s best trait is that he allows me to be me. He accepts me for who I am as quirky as I may be. He is very logical, keeps me grounded and listens to me without judgement.
What is your secret to a great marriage? 

(Jamie) My secret is to be in tune with your spouse. Pay attention to the little things. Most of the time, it’s the little things that will satisfy your wife. (Tab) Take the time to learn what makes your spouse feel loved. It’s different for everyone. I know Jamie appreciates when I take the time to just sit and spend time with him without talking or trying to multitask. If you know me, it’s hard to do sometimes because I’m constantly talking and my brain thinks in “to do” lists. 
How do you solve disagreements? 

(Jamie) By biting my tongue!!! Haha! Usually we talk and regretfully, sometimes we go at it (when the kids are at asleep, of course). However, the Lord softens our hearts, usually mine first, and we apologize and make up! (Tab) Unfortunately, I am the yeller. I like to get it all out there and then it’s over. Over the last 8 years we have been married, I have learned to look at Jamie’s intentions rather than his delivery. His heart is usually in the right place, he doesn’t want to upset me. I realize I can’t hold him to a standard of perfection and hold myself to a standard of grace. We always apologize and then move on.
How do you share/divide housework? 

(Jamie) I usually vacuum, and collect and take out the garbage. I honestly try to help out with everything whenever I can. I’ll chip in with the laundry to washing dishes, from bathing the kids to sweeping the floors. I just stay away from the cooking!!! I only display my cooking skills about 5 times/year. (Tab) I am a stay at home mom for now so I have most of the responsibility of cleaning and keeping the house. However, Jamie doesn’t mind pitching in when he can or I ask him. He doesn’t mind doing laundry (a chore I despise) so it works out. What trips have you gone on as a couple that were very special? (Jamie) Wow, aside from our honeymoon in Hawaii, and our trip to the Punta Cana, we haven’t really taken any big trips alone as a couple. We’ve been to Ocean City as a family plenty of times, to California a couple of times, to the Mayan Riviera with Abby, and to Disney World with Abby and Ryan. (Tab) This question really makes me realize that we need to plan some time away as a couple. Our honeymoon in Hawaii was the most incredible 2 weeks, I loved every minute! Punta Cana was our babymoon and that was lots of fun too. We haven’t gone away as a couple since we had kids. I realize that the kids will only be young for a season and we will be able to to couple trips as they get older. I’m looking forward to that!
14. What is the best part of being married? 

(Jamie) The best part is coming home, sleeping, waking up, and talking to your best friend! It is something I try not to take for granted.
(Tab) The best part of being married is having someone who accepts all of me and makes me laugh. He still makes me giggle even if it’s for corny reasons. I love that we have jokes that are just between us. 
15. If you could go anywhere in the world on a vacation with your spouse where would you go? 

(Jamie) Within the US, San Diego, CA - Internationally - I always wanted to take Tab to the Boracay Islands in the Philippines. (Tab) Hawaii
16. If you could sum up your marriage in two words what would they be? 

(Jamie) Supportive and Fun
(Tab) Laughter and Respect
God bless your marriage guys!!!!!!!!! I loved reading your love story!  I even added it to my pinterest page!

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