03 March 2014

There's Always Room For One More

Bonus Baby

When God told me to dream big this year I had no idea HOW big He meant.

On January 4th we took a pregnancy test and found out we were pregnant.  Actually, right after the New Year I started to feel some signs of nausea and coffee aversions and knew that something was up.

I found out from the test on a Saturday and finally got the nerve on a Tuesday night to share the news with John...I was so afraid to tell him, don't ask me why.

With tears running down my face, I told John the news and to my surprise a big smile spread across his face, and the famous words, "Kristi, there's always room for one more." and "Don't worry we already have a van!" were spoken.

John eased my fears and concerns right away.  This baby will be 17-18 months apart from Micah just like Julia and Mark are.  We've done this before we can do it again mentality has also been helping.

I've always wanted a big family and God has been gracious to bless us with one!  Thank you for this heavenly gift.  We are really excited!  We told all our family this past weekend after Aunt Laurie's baby shower, we kept it a secret because we didn't want to steal her special day in any way...thank goodness for a black roomy dress because I was already 13 weeks when we told her.  That night we told the big kids and Julia and Mark were elated.  Julia says it is DEFINITELY a girl and Mark says it is DEFINITELY a boy....so we shall see.  At this point we have one of each and a boy or a girl will be totally fine with me.  We already have our names picked out and waiting.  We are thinking of doing a gender reveal around Easter time.  A friend of mine text me yesterday that she wants to do our gender reveal cake for us...so I think we might do one...we are still deciding.

Psalm 127:3

Children are a gift from the Lord;    they are a reward from him.


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