28 March 2014

Sara's New Business Venture


My sister Sara is starting a new business venture to make extra money on the side!  I happen to love the faith-based company she has recently joined and I wanted to show case her so that she can start building her business.  I am so proud of her!

Sara is my younger sister and even though we are 8 years apart we have ALWAYS been close.  Since we were little girls we shared a room together and have always been a huge part of each other's lives.  I really appreciate how Sara has just always been there for me and has been such a great Auntie to Julia, Mark, and Micah.  I can call her at the drop of a hat and she will be there.

I am truly thankful for her and the joy she brings to everyone.  She lights up a room with her smile and charm and she is such a hard worker.

Sara let me interview her.  Here is her new business venture:

How did you first hear about Thirty-One?

1. I first heard about Thirty-One at the party you hosted!  Lindy was your consultant and was just so awesome and super friendly. I loved that when we first met she said, I'm a hugger" and hugged me hello, she is so sweet. That night was so much fun, I made new friends, had yummy snacks, and I bought my first two Thirty-One bags, which I am in love with!

What interested you in becoming a consultant?

2. Before your party, I was already thinking that I wanted to do something on the side to make a little more money. I already am in sales for my full-time job, but I was struggling with what I should do for a part-time job.  I didn't want to go back into retail, for a few different reasons.  Then that night, at your party, during Lindy's demo, I kept thinking, "I could do this, this would be so much fun!" Being a consultant for Thirty-One allows me to make additional money but at my own pace and schedule.  

What does your company stand for?

3. Thirty-One Gifts is a faith-based company and is named from Proverbs 31.  This passage talks about a strong and virtuous woman who is rewarded for her hard work. And so our motto at Thirty-One is to CELEBRATE, ENCOURAGE AND REWARD!  

What excites you the most about your company and new job?

4. I am excited for a lot of reasons, but I mostly excited for meeting new people. I am such a people-person, hence why I am in sales! I love making new friends, making people smile, shopping, and selling, and this job is going to allow me to do all four!  Who wouldn't be excited to make some extra money for having a girls night that includes shopping!  

What are your short term/long term goals? (this is such a big sister question)

5. This is such an important question, and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Thirty-One is also invested in my goals. Thirty-One calls it your "Why" and this was one of the first questions my director asked me. So my why, which is my (semi) long-term goal, is to move out of my parents' house.  So I joined Thirty-one to save additional money so that in a year I can move out.  My short-term goal, is to simply meet wonderful women and broaden my social network. :)

So proud of you Sara!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck and God bless your new business.  Can't wait to host a show for you in June!


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  1. In business, it’s always important that you know and trust the people you work with. Because they will be the ones who will help you all through your journey. And judging on your sister’s interview, she has those people around her -- not only the people she worked with but also the product of her business. Cheers!

    Clint Shaff @ Franchise Match


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