10 March 2014

My Favorite Thing About Being Married

The Beauty of Oneness

You know how in the Bible when it talks about marriage it says, "and the two shall become one."  Well, for me the oneness is the BEST part of being married to John.

Yes, John is my best friend.  We can talk about anything and everything.  John and I are very similar and compatible.  But, we don't always agree or always get along.  There are times when I don't understand why he says what he does, or why he does what he does.  And trust me, I'm very sensitive and hormonal and I know sometimes John is clueless about how crazy I am!  I can cry at the drop of the hat sometimes.  I can get really angry about something that he would view as small.

But to me, the beauty of marriage and the best thing for me in our marriage is that John and I are viewed as one person to God.  John and I are one.  Ultimately, we are both accountable for the strength of our marriage and how we raise our (gasp) soon to be 4 kids!

And I count it such a privilege to pray for John.  Actually, it is for selfish reasons.  When I pray for John, for God to strengthen him, give him wisdom, protect him, bless the fruit of his hands and labor, I am blessed.  When I pray to God about the decisions we make as a couple we both benefit from that because God changes me and my heart and then God blesses, strengthen, and protects John.  It's a win win.  I have always loved praying for John because I see God working in his life and I know that in some small way I am a part of it.

And isn't cool how God can use our weaknesses and strengths in and through our spouses.  When I am weak, John steps up, and when John is weak I can step up.  God enables both of us to be one awesome team for Him.  As parents and as a couple without kids.  Have you ever taken a personality test between you and your spouse and seen how opposite you might be, but never really noticed because it just all evens out?  I love that.  I love that I can be the stricter and firmer parent at times, when John may be more soft or tender in other moments and how we can flip flop at just the right moment for the benefit of the kids.  That to me is just awesome how God designs that.  It's not by coincidence or a mistake, it's definitely providential.

I love the laughter we share as a couple and how we can tease each other and lighten the mood if a situation gets too serious or too tense.  God is always at work gifting us and balancing us.  And by us I mean all couples.

When I asked the question on facebook, What is your favorite thing about being married many of the answers were around this oneness answer.  "belonging to someone" "sharing life with my best friend" "being able to be myself with my spouse," are all part of the beauty of oneness.  I'm so thankful for it.


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