18 March 2014

Prepping for the Big Birthday!!!

Erin Nicastro Photography

First Birthdays Are Huge At Team Mac

My Micah turns one next week and this Sunday we are having a huge family party for him at my Mother in Law's house.  I am so excited!!! Today, I have to do some final things like order the sheet cake and pick up some colorful tablecloths to match our Super Bowl Football theme, and buy some face paint for all the kids.

Erin Nicastro Photography
I already ordered the balloons, cookie favors (Dina Newhard will be making them at Chloe's Creations) and bought all the games, decorations and goodie bags, and planned out all the food items.  He got his pictures done a few weeks ago by Erin Nicastro Photography.  She does all our family photos.

John is working on the year video of Micah.  We always show this at each child's birthday so you can see a progression of how they grew and changed throughout the year.  It always makes me cry to look back and watch them, and the big kids love to watch their video and hear the songs daddy picked out for them.

We are so happy to celebrate our Micah this year!  This has to be the fastest year of our lives.  So much has happened and  God has moved and blessed us in so many incredible ways.  I am very excited to share the joy with all our close family and friends!!!


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