25 March 2014

Happy Birthday Micah Quiz!

Micah Boy Quiz

We always do a quiz that we print out and give to all the guests at the big family birthday party.  This year all 53 guests got this quiz:

Happy Birthday, Micah boy!

1.    What was Micah’s birth weight?
2.    At 3 weeks old what did Micah weigh?
3.    When did he start to army crawl?
4.    What month did he start to climb the stairs?
5.    What did he weigh at his 4 month visit?
6.    What was Micah’s first vacation?
7.    How many siblings does Micah have?
8.    When did he start walking?
9.    What does he drink in his sippy cup?
10.          What is his favorite dinner???
11.          Fruit or veggies?
12.          How did Micah do at his photography cake smash shoot?
13.          Who does Micah resemble the most in the family?
14.          How many great-grandparents does Micah have?
15.          What words does Micah say?
16.          Who does Micah enjoy playing with the most?
17.          Who gives Micah the most attention?
18.          What is Micah’s favorite song?
19.          How many hours does Micah sleep at night in his crib?
20.          How much does Micah weigh now?
21.          What is Micah’s favorite bedtime book?

*********************************************** Answers
1. 9.2lbs
2. 11 lbs
3. 2 months
4. 6 months
5. 20 lbs
6. Camp of the Woods
7. 3 (2 older and one on the way)
8. 9 months old
9. apple juice with water and coconut milk
10. spaghetti
11. veggies
12. fail-he ignored the cake
13. Julia
14. 3!!! We are so blessed (they all came to the party!)
15. hi, mama, dada, iron man, ball, all done
16. Mark
17. Julia
18. Itsy bitsy spider
19. 9 hours
20. 23lbs
21. Caps For Sale


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