27 March 2014

Fernbrook Farms: Homeschool Is Awesome

Spring Is Here

Our Spring Semester at Fernbrook began yesterday!  We are taking an 8 week course at this farm and the cost was so little compared to the amazing work of all the farmers and teachers.

This program was booked within seconds of open registration.  All of my new homeschool moms friends raved about it and I told one of my awesome library friends, Nina, about it because she has been homeschooling her daughter at home.  

The Pre-K class is where I stayed since the big kid class age 6-11 is completely run by the staff and they don't allow parents to really tag along.  It was hard at first for me to just "drop" Julia off, but she knew tons of friends from coop and the 2 hour outdoor class was jam packed with learning experiences, a craft, and games that she didn't miss mommy for a second!  Julia's first class learned all about bats...and for the hour drive home...all we heard about was BATS!!!!!!!!! She learned so much and it was all hands on, and she played with her craft the entire time while she explained to me what they ate, how they slept, how they survived, etc.

I got to stay with my Mark in the pre-k class and they learned all about dirt and composting and soil.

Each kid got to observe their own paper with rocky soil, sand, and good soil.  We did a lot of looking, and touching and the teacher was awesome at having each child have a turn to share.  The kids were so cute.  They loved having their own magnify glass.  They loved touching the dirt.  And then the compost pile came with WORMS...

This was the favorite highlight for Mark.  Seeing all the worms and the compost.  Then all the children got a marigold seed.  They each put their seed in different types of soil and we will see which soil is best for planting over the next 7 weeks.  We put our seed/soil/cups in the window to grow and watered them.

The Pre-K class is only an hour so we wrapped up our class outside with the animals.  The sheep just had babies and so did the goats.  They were gorgeous.  We got to play with them and pet them.  We saw the cow T-Bone and the chickens and then hung out with our friends and waited for the big kids to be done!

I love Fernbrook!  I am thankful my mother in law kept Micah because it was 37 degrees and very windy yesterday.  But the rest of this week will be warmer.  I can't wait to bring Micah to this farm!  The hour drive is so worth it!  I love homeschool outdoor learning!

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