17 March 2014

What In The World Is Man-Day?

Finding Ways To Bless Your Spouse

John is so great at allowing me "girl time" and he is always sending me off to get some time away from home to walk through a book store, or grab a cup of tea, or get a mani/pedi.  He knows how hard it is to manage 3 kids all day and he is super sweet to give me a much needed break here and there.

I felt it was time to return the favor and so this past Saturday after Chinese School (John is typically the one who drives the kids to school on Saturday and has snack with them during their break time) I told him to go to his "man-day".  

I was so afraid he wouldn't do it and I was right because he is always seeking to do things around the house, or study, or play with the kids, so I planned ahead and told my sister in law my plan.  We made sure her hubby Kelsey and John would go to the gun range (they've been talking about wanting to go) and have some guy bonding time.

John left around 1 pm and I didn't see him until 6-ish.  He had such a great time just having no responsibilities of wife/kids.  He got to do some errands, he washed his car, he got a manicure, he got some Starbucks, and then he and Kelsey met up at the gun range.  I was so glad he had time TO HIS SELF.  You feel so refreshed afterwards.  And he was so appreciative and thankful!  It was so worth it!!

If you ever think your spouse needs a day to get away, give them a few hours to do whatever they want, and I bet they will come home better than ever!!!  It's a sure way to bless your spouse!


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