06 January 2010

Confident Woman 101

The Confident Woman by Joyce Meyer Chapter 1...

My thoughts after reading this chapter...

I've decided to take some quotes from this chapter and then write out what I learned and how Joyce's words impacted me...sound good?

page 3...What is confidence? "Being positive concerning what you can do--and not worrying over what you can't do."

Yes, I definitely worry about the things that I can't do and I let my emotions dictate how I feel about myself. For example, when I first brought Julia home, I did not want any advice from others...I wanted to learn how to be a mom through reading books and watching other mothers. I really did not like it when older women, especially would make comments about my mothering. Now, granted it all came from a good place, they were not trying to hurt my feelings, but I took their comments as saying, "You are not a good mom, you are doing it wrong!" Instead of taking their advice as an act of love. I believe if I had more confidence as a mom back then I would have handled some situations differently when people were giving me their advice. Because I am an overachiever aka perfectionist at times, other times I can be very laid back, but when I am seeking to be THE BEST at something, I can be over critical of myself and worry about all the little things I can't do instead of focusing on the positive.

page 3 "Confident people do not concentrate on their weaknesses; they develop and maximize their strengths."

Okay this quote is awesome...but it left me thinking...how can I maximize my strengths (teaching, being a student, encouraging others) at this stage of my life? Since I am a stay at home mom I am no longer in the teaching world. I do teach Sunday School and speak in chapels on occasion at Timothy...I guess teaching Julia and Mark is super important, huh? I guess I sometimes don't look at it that way...cool! I've also gotten really involved in my MOPS group at Crossroads Church in English-town.

I think it is very important to develop and maximize your strengths because those are obviously talents and gifts that God has given you to use for His glory. And it does feel so good to be using your gifts...it gives you a feeling of such purpose.

page 5 "Trust me on this: God will never help you be some other person. He wants you to be you! You can be sure of this!"

Isn't it ironic that the media tells us such a different story. The media tells us what we should look like, what house we should live in, what car we should drive, what clothes we should wear...it totally makes it feel like we are not good enough the way God made us and that we should always want to not only look like someone else, but have things we don't need to complete us. What a liar Satan is! He tricks us and entices us with all the things of the world. Look at all the plastic surgery shows on TV now...constantly feeding our minds that we need to look different, but God made us perfect...why can't we accept ourselves the way He made us. God doesn't make mistakes!

page 9 "How about you, my dear reader? Are you doing what you really believe you should be doing at this stage in your life, or have you allowed fear and a lack of confidence to prevent you from stepping out into new things-or higher levels of old things?"

Sometimes, I let my age get in the way of me doing things that I would like to do. A dear friend of mine asked me why I didn't step up to teach the latest Women's Bible study, and I said, "But I'm the youngest one, would anyone really listen to me and what I have to say?" This friend had more confidence in me than I did in myself. I would love to lead a Women's Bible study, but because of my age, I let fear keep me from even thinking about it. Well, we talked more, and come the Fall, when Mark is older, I think I just might try it!!! I love being with the women at my church and I love talking about God's word and learning together with a group of ladies...it is a win win situation!

page 11 "A confident woman feels safe. She believes she is loved, valuable, and cared for, and safe in God's will for her. When we feel safe and secure, it's easy to step out and try new things."

I believe this is so true. And my big problem is that I believe it in my head, but sometimes not in my heart. I know it to be true but I don't act upon it. I allow Satan's words of inferiority and lies about how other's perceive me get in the way of the truth. I need to stop that!

Please also read my friend Suzette's book club blog at http://godlyrose.blogspot.com by clicking there on the blue words.

Read Chapter 2 for next Thursday with Confidence!!!


  1. This is a great post! I can relate to it so much! For whatever reason I am very fearful by nature...more than most. I am always afraid to step out and try new things. I like staying in my little box. As far as criticism and advice...like you, I know much of the time it is meant well but it does usually hurt my feelings and when people criticize you to hurt your feelings...it stays with me forever. I'm not one who deals well with that. I'm too sensitive most of the time. I know that is not a good thing and I am working on it. I can totally understand your feelings though!

  2. Nadine...we have a lot in common! Let's pray for one another!

  3. You've got it! :0)

  4. OK finally getting to post my thoughts.

    Just like Kristi's post from page three.

    "Being fonfident about what you can do and not worrying over what you can't."

    I have learned that I am not perfect and that I am not supposed to know it all or do it all. I try each and every day to focus on what I do best and leave the rest aside. I know my role in life is to be a godly wife and mother. I make mistakes but know that the Lord still loves me for I am His child.

    Another thing that caught my attention was on page 7 dealing with fear. It was described as "An emotional virus because it begins as a thought in your head, then effects your emotions and behavior."

    Boy it is so true. It can be so paralyzing. There are times when I am so fearful about something that I will do whatever I can to try and avoid it, instead of asking the Lord to be my shield and rock and protect me from my fear.

    I feel very fortunate to be loved by God. I know If I continue to place all my faith in him, that he will take care of me because He loves me like a Father Loves His Child.


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