14 January 2010


Prayers for Haiti

As you may know from my Facebook page, my Aunt Kim (My mom's 2nd youngest sister) married a wonderful Haitian man and they have 4 beautiful children. For the last few years since my grandpa passed away, Aunt Kim and her children came back to live with Grandma, Kesley, my uncle, stayed behind to manage a successful ice business he runs there. There was a lot going on in Haiti even then, and it was better for the kids and Kim to be here in the states, but now we have not heard from Kesley and are praying he is safe and able to help others during this horrific time after the quake.

Dear God,

Please be with all the people who have survived this earthquake and the after shocks. On the news the pictures that we see seem so hopeless, with bodies strewn on the street and people bandaged and hurt. I pray for all the people without food and water and shelter. Please allow all the aid to get there and be able to nourish their bodies. Please allow people to come together and help each other. I pray for all the mothers who are desperately trying to care for little ones. I pray for all the husbands trying to protect and provide for their families. God there is always hope with you. Pray for supplies to come through. They are estimating that 50,000 have perished in this quake, and over half the population in Port de Prince is children. Please, Lord, I pray for all the children who may be wandering around looking for family members. I pray for hospitals to become up and running for the injured. I pray for all those who are part of the search and find effort of digging people out of the rubble. Lord, you are God. You are in control. Please help the Haitian people and all those affected. Help them not to get angry or lose hope. Maybe this is your way of knocking on their hearts. Please help Lord. Your ways are not our ways and your thoughts are not our thoughts. Help us back at home to trust you. I pray Kesley is safe and helping others and soon he will be able to call us if it is your will.

Isaiah 41:10
Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you. Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.


  1. wow kristi! i will definitely pray for your family!

  2. Sending prayers...and hoping you hear from your uncle soon:)


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