05 January 2010

A look back--I just love them!

This last photo is of Julia wearing Sara's Christmas gift which was a Rutgers cheerleading outfit. I put pig tails in her hair with red and white bows! Is she cute or what?

The second to last photo is of Mark sleeping on his godmommy Roe. He was so tired, poor guy and he snuggled up close to her. I love that he goes to anyone now and allows me to have free hands...but he does look all around for me and tries to locate my voice. Cutie boy.

The middle photo is when we decorated our Christmas tree as a family. We picked the tree out together in East Brunswick at a farm, cut it down and brought it home. Then John taught Julia how to put the ornaments on the tree as I took photos...then we switched so I could do some ornament bonding with both kids! I love how Julia just had to walk by her daddy and give him a squeeze...my sentiments exactly!

This picture of Julia at the farm with the big smile says it all! I just love her free spirit and playful self she is just a love. She lights up a room and brings joy to all of us! Including her mama...I'm treasuring all these memories in my heart.

This first picture is of John and baby Mark on Father's Day. First of all I can't believe how small Mark was, and this was not that long ago...only 6 months...so he was around 4-5 weeks old. I love how John is such a great daddy, he loves all of us so dearly and sacrifices everything so that we can be the best parents and provide for our kids. Time together means EVERYTHING. I love you John.

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