12 January 2010

Top to your Toes

Dear John, Julia and Mark,

I love you from the top of your head to your toes! I love being your wife, John! I love being your Mommy Julia and Mark and here are just a few reasons why...

Dear God,

Thank you for Julia's curls...I love brushing her hair each morning and adding a headband or bow, pigtails or a ponytail. Your hair is so beautiful.

Thank you for Mark's red hair...I am so thankful for my little guy, I don't need to brush his hair yet, but I love seeing his beautiful red hair each morning.

Thank you for Daddy's eyebrows...I love when he makes silly faces and gets us all laughing.

Thank you for Julia's nose, Lord, I love when she says "runny nose?" and asks for a "issue?"

Thank you for Mark's chubby cheeks...I love being able to kiss him on those kissable cheeks.

Thank you for Julia's long neck...I love being able to zerbert her neck and make her laugh. (very ticklish)

Thank you for Daddy's shoulders. They are strong and always ready to carry one of the kids on top or one is able to rest their head.

Thank you for Julia's hands. She is always asking me to wash them when they get sticky or dirty from eating, but she is very gentle with her brother and always trying to share with a friend or willing to rub your back if you are sitting near her. I love when she reaches her hands up and says, "Hold you?" Which means "pick me up."

Thank you for Daddy's hands. They are strong, but gentle. And always open.

Thank you for Mark's belly button. I can't seem to stop kissing that either!

Thank you for Julia's strong, long, legs. She is able to be so independent and go where she needs to go, climb steps, jump on the trampoline, climb up on the couch, run in the backyard, and jump into our arms.

Thank you for Mark's toes...okay, you know what I'm going to say, I can't help it, he is so kissable!!!! I love that Mark is able to put his own toes in his mouth! Babies are so flexible; it is so cool!

Thank you for John's feet...they bring him to and from home each day and work hard all day long providing for us.

Thank you for my family from the top to their toes!!!


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