01 January 2010

Happy New Year!

What a blessing a new year brings! I am so thankful for a fresh start, and excited for all the new opportunities the new year will hold.

Here are some things that make me happy!!!

*sunny days
*clean diapers
*folded laundry
*warm towels
*cozy socks
*cleared counters
*neat car
**hot coffee
*Hershey kisses
*wet wipes
*organized drawers
**new stationary
*tiny fingers
*chalk boards
*sharpened pencils
*prayer rug
***God's Word
**wedding ring
*snail mail
*themed parties
**European countries
*travel mugs
*short stories
*nice salads
**hot showers
*ice water
*pretty stamps
*composition notebooks
*Longaberger baskets
**best friends
*movie nights
**date nights
*toasted bagels
*friendly faces

May this year be filled with all of God's richest blessings and the things that make you happy!

Happy New Year!



  1. Hi! I love that you love clean diapers and folded laundry. Me, too!! Just became a follower. It's great to see other Christian moms on blogger! God bless and Happy New Year!

  2. thanks Angela, I was just telling my husband the same thing!!!!!!!! Us Christian mommies need to stick together!!! LOL


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