31 January 2010

Julia 25 months

Oh My, Julia,

You have grown leaps and bounds in the last few weeks!

*You are forming full sentences in a row now.
*Singing complete lyrics to songs.
*Communicating complete thoughts.
*Expressing your wants and needs in some dramatic ways (we won't go into complete detail, don't worry honey)
*Dressing and undressing yourself
*practicing on your potty (with clothes/diaper still on LOL)
*praying out loud at mealtime
*jumping...I'm told sometimes this takes a while to coordinate...but you got it!
*counting to ten as we go up and down our steps
*singing your ABC's
*telling us your colors

I love watching you play with your tea set. Take care of your baby dolls. Read out loud from a book. Say your own grace at meal time.

I love hearing you call Grandma "mommy" because you love her so much. I love hearing you ask for Aunt Sara over, and over, and over again. I love hearing you say, "I like it mommy!" whenever you eat something yummy at mealtimes. I love when you say, "God bless you Marky!"

I love seeing you jump into Daddy's arms when he comes home from work. And saying "hold you!!!" because he just can't seem to pick you up fast enough.

I love explaining things to you when you ask, "What is this?"

I love it when you see Mark and I come down the stairs and you say, "Kiss! Kiss!" Because you want to kiss your brother's chubby cheeks like I do!

I love singing with you, "Mark, your hands are dirty!" in our song at breakfast time...and "What a good bo--oy!" Only me and you know the right times to sing "our" special songs to Marky, Julia!

I love when you see one of us cleaning or working around the house and you ask, "Mommy busy? Daddy busy?" Or when you wake up and you say, "Mommy's here!"

I love watching you play in the bathtub and swim all around. You are so brave!

I love seeing you carefully take off your clothes and socks and place them in a hamper. You are such mommy's "happy little helper".

Julia, I love you! There are so many great things you do each day to show me you are growing, and learning, and developing into such a neat little girl. Keep it up sweetie, you amaze me!

Your Proud Mama

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  1. Wow, my little Ju-Ju! You are growing up so quickly! You are so sweet and smart! Addie Girl and I love you to pieces (we love Mommy, Daddy, and Marky too)! Make sure Mommy gives you three kisses from me and a squeeze from Addie.


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