10 January 2010

Three Things

This was a silly moment at Aunt Sara's birthday on Sept. 23rd, when Julia decided to sneak a bite of cake before we had a chance to cut it!

Julia with Aunt Laurie.

Julia kissing her best church friend Cayla. These two are buddies!!

Julia did three amazing things today!

1. She counted from 1 to 10 all by herself in the car. We were on our way to a friend's birthday party, and since mommy and daddy were talking so much up in the front, Julia decided to entertain herself by counting. I didn't realize she knew all those numbers in order. I've been focusing so much on reading, writing, drawing, letters, and sounds, that Math and numbers have taken a back seat, but I guess all the counting we do going up the stairs has paid off!

2. Mark sneezed and Julia said, "God bless you Marky!" John and I could NOT believe it. I've heard her say Bless you after a sneeze, but never God bless you! And the perfect timing and sweetness of her voice just melted our little hearts. Bless her heart!!

3. As we sang "Jesus Loves Me" as a family before placing her in her crib, Julia sang all the words with us. Now, sometimes she hums with me, but never ever has she sang all the words! It's amazing how all of the sudden their mouth opens and all these words just come out! It's like she's been waiting all along to say these things and sing these words, and tonight her little brain and mouth coordinated and it happened!

I love you Ju Ju bean, you are growing so big and getting super smart!

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  1. Wow, Julia! You are growing so quickly! God has blessed you with an incredible mind. May you continue to absorb everything that Mommy and Daddy teach you and may you continue surprising them. Love you.


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