06 January 2010


These photos were taken in Princeton on Mother's Day.

Julia was about 17 months and I was 9 months pregnant with Mark...he was due on June 14th, but came 2 weeks early (like Julia, same weight too 8lbs 1 oz) on May 27th. I can't get over how different Julia looks. Her hair is so much shorter, but that smile and curiousness is ever present!

We were having a picnic by ourselves as a family of 3, (well, 4, kind of) on the campus of Princeton which is absolutely gorgeous...and we ran into Adrian and Violet (dear friends) who were walking their dogs.

Julia had a blast petting the big dog, Miro.

Wow, life has changed so much since then...


  1. You looked wonderful at 9 months. I looked like I had a watermelon sticking out from under my shirt!

  2. I know for a fact Suzette that you were a gorgeous pregnant woman!!!!


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