21 April 2010

My Mom

From the day I brought Julia home til today, my mom has been a big source of help and encouragement. From inviting us over for dinner, to playing with Mark and Julia on the floor, to stopping by after work to take them for a walk in the stroller, to writing me long letters of encouragement, she is always there when I need her.

I am thankful for her playfulness and love that she shows my two babies. I especially love seeing her talk and teach Julia new things like gardening, watering the plants, planting her own seeds. She teaches Julia how to draw, write her name, use stickers. Whenever we go over or she comes over there is always a "project" for Julia to complete, and my smart Julia loves that about her Grandma.

She loves holding my Mark even when he only seems to want mommy. She always will just say, "Give me Mark." So that I can have two free hands to cook or clean. I really appreciate her selflessness and attention.

Thanks Mom for inviting us over for dinner tonight, yet again. It means my house will stay cleaner for a bit longer than usual. (After meal times it easily becomes a train-wreck with 2, messy, little ones.)

I also enjoy going for walks with mom to stay in shape and get our exercise. The kids have come to love this outdoor activity as well.

Mom, you are a blessing! I love you.

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  1. Mom's are special. And just think, we have little girls who come to think of us the way we think of our moms!


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