04 April 2010

Elmo--Julia's Big Girl Day

John and I have decided that since Julia is getting to be older and really needs mommy and daddy alone time, we are going to do more special outings just with her. This past Saturday, Cinzia and I got tickets for our families to go see Sesame Street Live and the New Brunswick State Theater.

It was such a beautiful day and my mother was gracious enough to come over and watch Mark all morning for us. He slept for his whole nap time for her, she fed him lunch and they had a great time laughing and playing. This is what every mother wants to hear when she is away from her baby. And when Mark was thirsty, he didn't cry to be nursed, my mom gave him a sippy cup with juice and he loved it! God was really good to us. Plus, mom couldn't get over how mellow and good Mark is. Me either! I thought he might cry and give her a hard time since mommy wasn't there, but lately he's been going to the nursery and other people better!

Okay, back to Julia and her special day. We got into New Brunswick around 9:50, parking was free, and we walked around outside by a fountain so Julia could have lots of time to get her wiggles out. The show ended up being from 10:30-12:00 with a fifteen minute intermission.

Julia and Cinzia's son, JoJo (Joseph) did wonderful. They loved seeing Big Bird, and Cookie Monster, Grover, Abby Cadabby, Telly, Bert and Ernie, The count, and Elmo of course!!! Every time Elmo left the stage, both of them would turn and ask us, "Where's Elmo?" It was so cute.

I was so proud of their behavior and attention span. During intermission we bought the kids Elmo balloons and let them walk around at the front of the theater to stretch their legs. We brought some crackers, pretzels, and cheerios which we were allowed to give during the show. It was such a kid friendly show and so lively. Julia and Jo kept clapping and tapping their feet. They loved all the characters dancing.

John and I loved spending the day just with Julia and watching her excitement and joy. She is so dear to us. We just love her to pieces.

Thanks to mom, we plan on doing this more than once a year with her, and when Mark turns 2, he will have his big boy day too!


  1. Sounds like you had a blast Kristi! What fun memories you're making:-)

  2. Oh, that was wonderful! And your pictures are absolutely beautiful!! So happy for you, JuJu!

  3. That's really sweet that you give her a special day for her! I love the first pic!


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