23 April 2010

Julia's Chores

Who would think that my little peanut is almost 2 1/2 years old! She is getting so big! This picture was taken when she was only 5 months old, my has time flown! I'm just going to share a bit of our day and routine with you. For those of you who have kids or who are expecting kids I'm sure you know that kids need to feel included in the days events and at age 2 they love to be "mommy's helper". Honestly, they aren't really helping all that much, but it is so good for them to start practicing now, helping out around the house, taking part in each day's events, and doing new things. It teaches them not only fine and gross motor skills, but value and responsibility.

After breakfast time Julia's first chore it to place her plate, spoon, or bowl into the sink. She's too tall to see over the sink, but she has no problem putting them inside. She gets very excited to do it. Then while mommy is cleaning up the kitchen and dining room, and Mr. Mark (He'll be 11 months old on Tuesday) Julia's second job is to share her toys and play with Marky.

Then we all traipse upstairs and get dressed for our day (well, not me, mommy's always last). Upstairs in Julia's room, after I change their diapers and Julia does her business on the potty, we get our clothes ready to put on. Julia's third job for the day is to place her dirty clothes in her own hamper, she even puts Mark's in for me. I love watching her neatly open and close her hamper (it's a very pretty pink polka dotted cloth top and it must make her want to keep it neat).

Julia's next chore is to help me put the laundry in our front loader. She loves putting her whole head and torso inside, even though she doesn't have to, and she especially loves helping push the right buttons to start the wash.

Yesterday was the first day she helped set the table (at my parent's house) and boy did she get a kick out of that! Actually when we started to use our silverware she got upset that we moved it off the napkin. Ooops!

Suzette put me on to Simple Mom's blog and downloads. I believe she is a stay at home mom that home-schools and she has an amazing blog and charts and resources to use. I use this particular chore chart for Julia. I like the picture cut outs because you can make your own chart age appropriate and use the chores that work for you. Julia likes putting a sticker over the stars that I draw on when she's completed a chore.

Some other chores on our chart that we do are:

1. Cleaning up toys before nap time
2. Cleaning up toys before bed time
3. Feeding our dog Paris (just a treat)
4. Sitting on the potty
5. Helping Mommy in the kitchen

She doesn't do all of them everyday, but having the chart helps me to remember if she has helped me, because the days seem to run together for me. It also reminds me to do certain things with her and allow her to help, because sometimes, it is easier just to do it myself, but I'm learning to "let go" and let her help!

Click here to see the chart. http://simplemom.net/



  1. Way to go Kristi! Sounds like you're training her early and well to be a servant :-) Hope you have a wonderful Friday...

  2. Wonderful post, Kristi, as always! JuJu, you are such a good girl helping mommy around the house.

  3. Sounds great! Thanks for sharing the great link, too.


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